About Us

Hi, I'm Acronix, a Certified Ethical Hacker and a computer enthusiast since the year 2000. We are a team from Asia with different backgrounds and experiences. Some of us are programmers, some are network administrators, but we are mostly penetration testers.

We started this blog to help out those who are technologically challenged but it later became a technical journal where we share our knowledge, expertise, techniques, and discoveries that we encounter along the way. We focused more on cybersecurity in order to help others become aware of the reality of cyber risks, threats and vulnerabilities, and to learn how to defend ourselves against cyber attacks. This is also our way to give back to the community and help ethical hackers expand their pentesting methodology and tools.

It is our hope that the little effort we put here can help make the Internet a better place.

Disclaimer: The hacking tools and knowledge that we share here should not be used on a target without prior mutual consent. It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. We assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this site.